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Breville’s BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer solves the age-old problem of juicing soft fruits like berries and bananas by including a puree disc in addition to its hard cutting disc. While its price might seem prohibitive when compared with some other juicers on the market, this is a commercial-quality machine that is designed to ensure you get the maximum yield from fruits and vegetables of all kinds.



Where some juicers fall short on power, this one has a 1200-watt motor that whizzes through hard fruits like granny smith apples and tough vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and beets. The motor assembly gives the machine plenty of weight, adding to its stability, even when juicing harder veggies and fruits. At the same time, it is not too heavy to move around on the countertop.

Faster than a masticating juicer and quieter than many other centrifugal juicers on the market, the Breville Juice Fountain makes fresh juice in a matter of minutes. Toss an apple down the chute and in about 30 seconds, you’ll have the juice you want. Add some kale and ginger, and you’ve got breakfast in a glass.

Cleanup is fairly easy. The machine comes with a special cleaning brush for scrubbing the central screen, and many of its parts can go right into the dishwasher’s upper rack, although I have discovered that leaving them in the dishwasher for a while before turning it on can result in dried-on stuff that I have to scrub off later. It’s not at all difficult to wash all the parts by hand after juicing, and you can get around the resulting water spots by using a chamois-type towel like the sham-wow to quick-dry all the plastic parts.

Like other Breville appliances, the Juice Fountain is a good looking machine that you will be proud to show off. It has an attractive silver die-cast metal exterior that is easy to wipe clean. The overall presentation is sleek, powerful, and modern. There is an attractive LED light that comes on when the machine is activated, making it even nicer to look at and more user-friendly to operate.

These are just a few basics. Read on for greater insight into the pros and cons that come with owning and operating the Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer.


Adjustable Dial Maximizes Yield

Many juicers come with just one or two speeds, making it tough to get the most out of the fruits and vegetables you are processing. The Breville Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer has a five-speed dial so you can process soft fruits like bananas, avocados, and berries slowly in order to minimize waste. You can also use the lower setting to ensure that leafy greens are thoroughly juiced rather than simply chopped. Higher speeds increase yields from hard fruits and veggies; in general, the tougher the produce, the higher the speed setting.


Central Feed Chute Accepts Whole Produce


If you’ve ever used a juicer, you know that most models require you to either feed in small fruits and vegetables (i.e. grapes or baby carrots) or cut up larger items like pears, apples, beets, and normal sized carrots before putting them into the feed chute. The central chute, which is conveniently located right above the cutting disc, accepts items that are as wide as three inches or so across, meaning that you can put carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, smallish apples, beets, and all sorts of other things right in without taking the time to cut them up beforehand. This saves lots of time, meaning you’ll find juicing is more convenient and you will be much more likely to stick to it.

Some other reviewers have complained that there is a bit of a drop from the chute to the blade, which can result in a bit of jumpiness or loud noises as the blade makes contact with items that are dropped in. While this is completely normal and nothing to worry about, it’s understandable that some users might find it startling or bothersome. I’ve gotten around it by pushing a bunch of greens in before adding harder things, making for a soft landing and less noise. As long as I keep adding things consistently so that produce is always in contact with the cutting disc, I don’t have a problem with noisy clunks. Breville has incorporated noise and vibration control into this machine to minimize the issue, and if you’ve ever used a low-end juicer you’ll agree that this thing is a bit like a Cadillac in comparison.


Accepts Soft Produce


Many juicers make complete mush out of soft produce or even turn things like bananas and berries into pulp that ends up being thrown away with very little making its way into the actual juice blend. The Puree disc is an innovative addition that lets you extract as much juice as possible from soft, pulpy items, imparting thickness and an almost smoothie-like texture to your juice. This feature opens up your juicing options quite a bit, letting you make more recipes and helping you to incorporate even more whole foods into your healthy diet.


Large BPA-Free Juice Jug

The Breville Juice Fountain Duo comes complete with a robust juice jug that holds 34 ounces of liquid (1.2 liters). The juice jug has a convenient froth separator so that you wind up with plenty of juice in your glass instead of mostly foam. The juice container and all plastic parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free, easing concerns over exposure to harmful chemicals.


Pulp Ejector Adds to Ease of Use

The BJE820XL is equipped with a handy pulp ejector that automatically spits spent pulp out into a large-capacity pulp collector. You can empty the pulp into the trash if you want, or you can save it to add to soups, quick breads, and other recipes, as it adds fiber and a bit of extra nutrition. The pulp is also a fantastic addition to the compost heap! Once it’s empty, the collector can go into the dishwasher.


Quick Assembly and Disassembly


One of the nicest things about this Breville Juicer is that it is really foolproof. It is easily assembled and disassembled in five quick steps that are clearly outlined in the user’s manual. It has stout, upper bail-style latch that has to be engaged in order for the motor to come on, which is a nice safety feature as well as a safeguard against potential juicing messes. When you’re finished juicing, the disassembly process is just as quick and easy as the setup procedure is.



Easy Clean-Up

The machine’s motorized base, food pusher, nutria-disc, and mesh filter basket need to be washed and rinsed by hand. The rest of the juicer’s components can go right into the dishwasher, unless you happen to have a couple of extra minutes to spend washing them by hand. Breville includes a special cleaning brush with this juicer, making it a lot easier to scrub tiny particles of produce out of the mesh filter.

Some reviewers have mentioned that it takes a bit of scrubbing to get this component clean, but I have discovered that adding a little soap to the cleaning brush, wetting the filter, and then scrubbing before rinsing and scrubbing a second time under running water really speeds things up. The soap helps to lift the little particles out, and leaves the basket looking like new. I do need to mention here that the reason this component takes some scrubbing is that it works hard to provide you with an extremely fine, smooth juice that is pleasant to drink. In my opinion, a bit of scrubbing with soap is a completely acceptable tradeoff.

The parts that are dishwasher safe are susceptible to getting water spots unless they are dried right away. I recommend using a soft towel to dry them straight out of the dishwasher, particularly if you are keeping your juicer on the kitchen counter. This will keep everything looking shiny and new.



qm   “Can this be used as a blender to make smoothies?”

This juicer does have a puree basket that allows you to make smoothies, but it works differently than a blender. You have the option of using the cutting blade and having no pulp at all in your drink, or using the puree basket, which takes tough fibers out but leaves some pulp. It will not chop ice or frozen berries, bananas, etc. like a blender will.

qm   “Can you toss whole citrus fruits in this machine, rinds and all?”

If you like the sophisticated flavor citrus rinds add to juices, you will appreciate the fact that you can indeed add them, rinds and all, to the chute. At the same time, you should note that processing several citrus fruits at once can lead to clogs, and that unless you are using organic citrus, juicing the rinds can expose you to potentially hazardous herbicide and pesticide residue.

qm   “Can I juice wheatgrass with this machine?”

Unfortunately, wheatgrass takes a special type of masticating unit. Adding tough wheatgrass to the Breville could cause a clog, although it is more likely to result in a simple waste of your wheatgrass.

qm   “Can I put leafy greens and sprouts through this juicer?”

Yes. According to the manufacturer, the most efficient way to do this is to wrap them up in a tight bundle before pushing them through. This will result in the maximum amount of juice. It’s also recommended that you use the lowest speed when processing leafy greens.

qm   “How long is the spout on the front of the machine?”

The spout is 1 ¾ inches long. It is designed to fit snugly into the accompanying pitcher. Note that you can empty the pitcher into a larger container if you are making big batches of juice to share with friends or family.

qm   “Can I make nut milk with this juicer?”

No, it’s designed for juicing only. I imagine that the Breville would just chop your nuts and spit them out into the waste container. If you want to make nut milk without a blender, you’ll find that a soymilk maker is your best option.

qm   “Is the interior structure plastic or metal?”

The juicer’s upper housing is clear BPA-free plastic, allowing you to see what’s happening inside. The lower portion, where all the work is done, is made of stainless steel. The chute where the juice comes out is plastic, also BPA-free.

qm   “Is this a masticating juicer?”

No, it has spinning blades inside, making it a centrifugal juicer.



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The Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer is a high-quality home juicing machine that delivers commercial-quality juice quickly. It performs very well, and it effectively processes an almost endless array of fruits and vegetables. The machine is easy to clean as long as you get to it right away, but leaving it to sit and dry out will cause you to spend quite a while scrubbing, meanwhile admonishing yourself to get the thing rinsed right away after use! The components are durable, the blades are super-sharp, and the juices that emerge are an absolute delight to drink. While this machine does cost a bit more than some others, it offers superior performance, lets you work quickly, and delivers a fantastic end product.


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One Response to “Breville BJE820XL Juicer Machine – Full Review

  1. By: Linda Ramirez
    Date: August 27, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    I decided to get a juicer after watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (watch it if you haven’t!) and I chose a Breville because that’s what was used in the film. This is a different model than the one displayed, in fact it’s better because it will take soft items without just turning them into pulp. I juice every day and this machine is like my best friend in the kitchen. I have had good luck with just about everything so far, but will caution everyone to make sure you wad up your greens so they don’t just flap around in the juicer. If I’m using something long and skinny like a cucumber or carrot I will wrap them around it and then finish pushing the whole thing through with the tool. Other than that, and I’m pretty sure it’s universal with the centrifugal juicers, this one is as close to perfect as it gets. Six months of daily use, often multiple times per day, and it is still going strong. Highly recommend!

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